Monthly Archives: April 2014


DWR ENTERTAINMENT is an awesome DJING company that I loved having at my party’s. When they said having them there would be the best decision I ever made they weren’t lying they made that party awesome. DWR ENTERTAINMENT is really affordable and will work with you in your price range. Trust me when I say this they will be the excitement of the party. You guys should really give them a call they are worth it. There number is 978-876-5628. 



Music lifts the soul and make your whole mood better, singing is the best release you could ever get to release your anger. you tell how you feel in a beautiful without harming you self in a negative way, I feel that everybody should sing all the time know matter or you can sing or not.


I hope everybody is having a good day. i just wanted to make sure that everyone who has a dream doesn’t  ever give up on it know matter what happens in there life always work for what you want and don’t listen to the negativity that people put out 


I hope everybody had a wonderful vacation I know I did. Hope everybody has kept up with there singing, I hope everybody who has a passion for singing keeps performing till they get to where they want to be. Remember NEVER give up and keep trying till you get there 


I was reading an article about how singing is heathy for your life am it said that using your diaphragm to sing helps your immune system I thought this was really cool to know because singing docent only make you happy and its nit inly away to get your feeling out, it is also a way to help you not get sick. Now that is awesome i would suggest that people start singing more often. 


People should change there password to every single website they have, because I recently learned about HEART BLEED, and that is a bug that can hack any of your sites and get all of your information on the web and use it anyway way they choose too. Please CHANGE ALL your passwords on ALL of your websites so this doesn’t happen to you. IMMEDIATELY