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The last few weeks of school have been so hectic and it is ridiculous in my spanish class we are having a test every other day, for example, we will have one on monday but wont on Tuesday, have one on Wednesday  but wont on Thursday, etc. We will be doing this still my last day of class. And plus i still have to get ready for the other finals in all of my other class and know one understands why I’m stressed out. I care about my grades and i hate to fail thats why i get stressed of when I’m in school and thats what people don’t understand. Dose some understand or agree with me. 



everybody should listen to throw back jams on thursday 

SUMMER (lesson learned)

this is actually mine i didn’t mean to write it on my other blog 🙂 But seriously they are a really good DJING company Everyone should call them 978-876-5628


I cant wait for summer. Time to go swimming, to the beach, stay out late, hang out with friends, and especially sing. summer is the time where people sing allot more because they are more happier. Everybody should sing not just when their happy but when their sad as well. If u get all of your feelings out in a good way, you will be a much better person to be around, cause u wont be so mad all the time. 

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When you just feel hurt because u always come second to everybody really sucks especially when that persons says he loves u and that your his number one but doesn’t  want to show that your  his number one 😦 


I just love it when I’m in a good mood i feel like i can take on the world lol i love the fact that i am going to sing tonight sining is my life and i love it soo much i cant wait till i get home 🙂 I’m in the best mood ever 🙂