Having your wisdom teeth out really sucks, I had my right side out and then 2 weeks from now I’m getting my left side out 😦 i really hate this 



I just love it when I’m in a good mood i feel like i can take on the world lol i love the fact that i am going to sing tonight sining is my life and i love it soo much i cant wait till i get home 🙂 I’m in the best mood ever 🙂



I wish I could go see EMINEM in concert. He is my favorite artist, if i ever got tickets to go see him i would be off the wall.The thing is he never performs around where I live so thats a downer 😦


DWR ENTERTAINMENT is an awesome DJING company that I loved having at my party’s. When they said having them there would be the best decision I ever made they weren’t lying they made that party awesome. DWR ENTERTAINMENT is really affordable and will work with you in your price range. Trust me when I say this they will be the excitement of the party. You guys should really give them a call they are worth it. There number is 978-876-5628. 


Music lifts the soul and make your whole mood better, singing is the best release you could ever get to release your anger. you tell how you feel in a beautiful without harming you self in a negative way, I feel that everybody should sing all the time know matter or you can sing or not.